Concrete driveways offer many advantages over other options, the primary advantage being 
durability. In terms of strength and long-term structural integrity, concrete is one of the most functional materials available. Whether you own a subcompact car or a large SUV, your vehicle weighs thousands of pounds. Concrete’s immense denseness and strength makes it an ideal load-bearing material.

There are several finishes that are applicable for the midwest market. The most common finish is a broom finish. A broom finish will provide s durable, non stick surface and can be complimented with  a 4” or 6 “ border at no additional charge.

We also offer exposed aggregate finishes. Our market delivers four types of stone; Illinois glacial, Iowa glacial, chipped Meramec and old Monroe gravel. Unlike other materials such as asphalt or brick a concrete driveway doesn’t crumble or rot away.

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We pay extra close attention to detail, and it truly shows in the finished product.

Call Craig and Son Concrete, experts in concrete driveway design and installation. We will exceed your expectations and leave you with a solid impression every time.


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