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A solid concrete foundation is essential

When building a new facility, adding to, upgrading or repairing your current arrangement, a solid concrete foundation is essential to the ongoing success and reliability of your equipment. Craig and Son Concrete builds new facilities and conducts repairs and upgrades from the ground up, starting with a solid foundation. Our concrete services include earthwork, concrete paving, demolition, flatwork, excavation, equipment grouting and more to clear, stabilize and reinforce the area. With a reliable foundation in place, we can then build any facility that you have in mind.

Before laying new concrete, we will make sure that the area is suitable by studying all relevant factors, including water tables, soil consistency, and moisture levels, and determine if reinforcement is needed. This prevents the concrete foundation from later shifting and resulting in damages to your assets and property.

If the area is not yet clear and unsuitable for building, our excavation services will clear the property to get ready for a new build. For buildings that have not been constructed on solid soil, we will provide maintenance and repairs to keep the foundation stable.