Concrete sidewalks are ideal for connecting two or more spaces within your landscape and the design can take many unique forms from curving paths to straight angled walkways. They are also convenient to walk on through the yard and they help prevent dirt and mud from getting tracked into the house. We can install custom designed sidewalks using the necessary equipment to match the design of your landscape, and we offer many different colors and patterns so your walk looks perfect.

Concrete’s wide variety of texture, color and decorative patterns sideswalk or walkway from functional to landscape design element. Your new sideswalk or walkway can add an inviting or exclusive image to your home.

Concrete’s finishing elements provide you numerous choices that can compliment a variety of home exteriors. Your new patio or walkway can have color, pattern and texture that transforms it into a design element.
Your new sidewalk can make a dramatic difference in the functionality and appearance of your home. Let us show you how!

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We pay extra close attention to detail, and it truly shows in the finished product.

Call Craig and Son Concrete, experts in concrete sidewalk design and installation. We will exceed your expectations and leave you with a solid impression every time.


Estimates Good For One Year

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